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1958-The Cosmic Man on Flickr.


Neen Williams

god damn that is huge.

Lance Mountain in Extremely Sorry - Flip



Where did the credits go?

crystalline // dwam & vex & auryn & blath

4 bodies / 4 cameras

by four chambers + ortie

watch the teaser here // full length from here


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Kayla was a tattletale and spoilsport. Whenever the cheerleading squad had some fun, she’d be the one to snitch to the coach or principal. Summer training camp was thus the proper place to adjust her poor attitude. Between some bondage equipment Karen borrowed from her stepdad’s bag of tricks, a Hitachi Susan ordered online and a video camera, Kayla would learn her place at the bottom rung of the team’s pecking order. She’d be their little cum slut and they’d experiment on that responsive little cunt they just had finished shaving.

"One word of this, Kayla", Susan warned as they held her down and vigorously vibrated her pussy, "And every boy with hair on their balls at school will get to see this video, are we clear?"

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Jake’s mom is a total badass

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A classic Minnesota summer sunset

**I’ll post the full panoramic photo shortly**

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"Alien Face Ship Attack" by TheGurch on Deviantart.