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baby: a- a- a-
parents: oh, the baby's first words!!
baby: a- aaa- al-
parents: apple?? air??
baby: a- al- al-
baby: Alchemy. The science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all-powerful art; it is impossible to create something out of nothing. If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. This is the Law of Equivalent Exchange, the basis of all alchemy. In accordance with this law, there is a taboo among alchemists: human transmutation is strictly forbidden - for what could equal the value of a human soul...?

Have fun pe We Heart It.

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Me when I play my friends my music.

I say this way more than I should have to.

Because the beat isn’t everything

"Some people are into DIY things, some ride the streets, some bomb hills, some jump over the Great Wall of China, etc. There’s room for all of it and each person just needs to really find his or her own path that works for them."

- Pontus Alv, Thrasher, August 2013 (via euanlynn)

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curb cut, huge hydrant wallie